The little tofu company that grew

The new owners of Acadiana Soy are two Nova Scotia food industry veterans, Liz Smith and Amine Azzi.

Liz has been using Acadiana’s tofu at her Halifax restaurant for nearly a decade and always knew there was something special about it. Her customers did too, often commenting on its great taste and creamy texture. Today, the restaurant’s most popular vegetarian and vegan dishes are made with tofu from Acadiana.

Amine has over 10 years of experience in the food industry, and when he heard about the opportunity to take over the Nova Scotia-based tofu company, he immediately jumped on board. After forming a business partnership with Liz and purchasing Acadiana in early 2020, Amine set out to develop and implement a modern production process for their new facility in Herring Cove.

The rest is tofu history!

Acadiana Soy – the early days

Acadiana Soy started in 1994 as a small family business run by Anna Anderson and her husband George Pickford. They produced the tofu in small quantities in a building on their farm in Grand Pre, in Nova Scotia’s beautiful Annapolis Valley. Over the years, their fresh hand-crafted tofu earned a reputation for its high quality and great flavour.

Using a traditional production process and only the best ingredients, including certified organic soybeans, Acadiana’s tofu became a farmers’ market favourite and the choice of many of Nova Scotia’s top food retailers and restaurants. The company is the only producer of fresh tofu in Atlantic Canada.


Amine and Liz are committed to preserving the company’s high standard of quality products and customer service. With the opening of a new, larger and more modern production facility in Halifax, their goal is to expand Acadiana’s product line with more innovative, plant-based foods and introduce even more health-conscious consumers to the Acadiana difference.